Kat Malone, even though her parents are very good friends with one directions manager she has never meet or even talked to the guys of her dreams. But is her life really all that great as she makes it out to be? Is she hiding something that has left her broken and shattered inside? Will she ever get the courage to talk to someone and let the truth out?


18. The Rescue.

-Jess' POV- I walked on for miles. By now the sun had already set and I was trying to find my way through the dark, every once in a while tripping over a rock or stick. I held the gun in my hand as tight as I could, afraid that someone would come after me next. Eventually I seen a house. It was lit up from the inside only a couple hundred feet away. I pinched myself making sure that I wasn't dreaming. Nope. I prayed that this is were he was hiding her so I could take her home safely and get my revenge. I slowley made my way towards the house. I peeped through all the windows making sure that no one was roaming around inside before walking through the unlocked front door. I inspected the house for a couple of minutes, not finding anything or anyone. I jumped when I heard the screaming coming from below, I would recognize it anywhere. Kat .I quickly found the stairs that I had assumed lead to the basement. I slowly walked down them until I got to the door at the end. Before opening the door I pointed the gun right in front of me. -Kats POV- I was laying in the basement, not alone , but with the man down there torturing me ,when I heard some one creeping down the stairs. Luckly the man didn't hear what I did. I silently prayed to my self that it was the cops coming to rescue me. I was shocked when I seen the door open. I didn't see the cops behind it, instead I saw Jess pointing a gun right at the man. Before he could even process what was happening she shut her eyes, held her breath, pointed the gun right at his head, and pulled the trigger. He fell to the floor. At that moment I knew that I had been rescued and that Jess was going to take me home. We didn't bother calling the police, we just left the house and started walking. We walked for what seemed like forever. Neither of us said a word, we would have plenty time to talk later. We just simply walked, continuing the journey. Finally we stood in front of a house, not the one I expected to see, we stood in front of the boys' house. Memories flooded my head as Jess lead me to the roof, where we sat in silence until the sun cam back up.

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