Kat Malone, even though her parents are very good friends with one directions manager she has never meet or even talked to the guys of her dreams. But is her life really all that great as she makes it out to be? Is she hiding something that has left her broken and shattered inside? Will she ever get the courage to talk to someone and let the truth out?


1. The Begging

-Kats POV- Well I'd better start from the beggin. Im 16 and am I am going to be a junior in highschool. (Ohhh the joys of highschool.)But as of right now I am on summer vaction. I live in a small town, im definitly not popular or even that well known, and I live a pretty normal life...sorta. My name is Kat Malone. But I'm here to tell you my story not to bore you with all this crap.

That morning I had woke up with a pounding headache. "Ugh" I murmered to myself. I was pretty much used to having the dreams now,the ones I have almost every night but i still always wake up sort of bitter. I drug myself out of bed and took a look at my calender. It's June 5th, we have been out of school for a week now. "Crap how could I forget about Moms birthday!?!?!?" I ran downstairs and made her some eggs and toast, well I ended up burning the toast but thats alright because that is how she likes it anyway. My mom came down the stairs, probably smelling the food. "Morning Mom, happy birthday" I said as she took a seat and started eating. She nodded in response, I could tell she was not awake yet. As I walked outside to get the mail I stared at my bare feet so I was not prepared for what happened next. Bam! I had ran right into someone. "I'm soooo sorry!" I mumbled. "It's ok." he said bending down to pick up his sunglasses that i had knocked of his face. Then he looked up at me. "Li...Li...Liam" i finally spat out. Liam Payne stood right in front of me! "A little bird told me that it is your moms birthday today so I came over to see her." He said. You see my mom is very good friends with One Directions manager so she has grown fond of the boys but I have never meet them and she barely talks about them. "Oh" was all I could manage to say before he went into my house. "OMG!!! Liam Payne is in my house!!! Ahhh!" I screamed. He cracked the door to see what was going on. "Everthing ok out here?" I started to blush. "Yea everythings great." He chuckled then shut the door.

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