Kat Malone, even though her parents are very good friends with one directions manager she has never meet or even talked to the guys of her dreams. But is her life really all that great as she makes it out to be? Is she hiding something that has left her broken and shattered inside? Will she ever get the courage to talk to someone and let the truth out?


9. Out

I woke up with Niall looking at me."Did you sleep good?" He asked. "Actually yea I did, no nightmares." I stood up, kissed his forehead, and before leaving the room I looked back."I love you" I said. "I love you too" he said hopping out of bed kissing me before venturing to the kitchen. I went to go get the other boys up and seen that Jess had slept in Louis's room. For the most part I didn't have an issue getting the boys up. After I woke them all up I went down to the kitchen to find Niall stuffing his face. "Hey." He said with a mouth full of food. "Hi" I replied walking over to him and giving him a hug. He looked at me for a minute then smiled." Do you want to go out today?" He asked. "Let me see if the others d- ", "Wait," he interrupted "Just you and me." I think about it for a minute. "Yes!" I shrieked jumping on him and wrapping my legs around his waist in an embrace. We kissed and then he put me down. I went to tell the others that we were going out and then i ran upstairs to get ready. I showered, put on some makeup, did my hair, and put on a blue flowery dress. As I went downstairs I spotted Niall. Wow. He looked amazing. I froze and starred at him before making my way down the rest of the stairs. We hoppped in the and off we went. Before I knew it Niall had parked in front of a park where we had an outdoor picinc. It was so beautiful out today so I didn't complain. He brought along some sandwichs, carrots, andn apples. When we finished eating he got up, moved toward me, and sat. "Are you having fun?" he asked. I replied by giving him a quick kiss and saying "Duh!" After a couple more minutes of sitting there Niall cleared his throat,"What to do now?" In response to his question I got up and took his hand. I headed towards the swings dragging him along. For about 20 minutes we swung back and fourth not really talking. I love the way the wind blew through my hair as I went forward, so I was kind of upset when he stopped. I stopped and looked at him, he smiled and I smiled in response. "Whats has been going on lately your not yourself?" I froze, I didn't want to talk about. After sitting there queitly for a moment he said more angrily,"You can't just ignore it your whole life, its not good for you, you need to talk about it." I started tearing up."You don't know what I need to talk about, you don't even really know me." I said with tears streaming down my face. "I know that you desirve better than this, you need to be happy." He tried to wrap his arms around me but I got up and started running towards home. He chased after me but I had a good headstart. Then as I started to cross the street everything went black.

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