Kat Malone, even though her parents are very good friends with one directions manager she has never meet or even talked to the guys of her dreams. But is her life really all that great as she makes it out to be? Is she hiding something that has left her broken and shattered inside? Will she ever get the courage to talk to someone and let the truth out?


16. Crashing Down

-Jess' POV-  I said my good byes to all the boys and Kat, then I walked out the door and headed for home. I really was going to miss this place and the boys, I have grown really fond of them. Especially Louis, oh how I missed him already. I finally reached me house and walked throught the front door. As soon as my mom seen me she ran over and hugged me. "Hey Mom" I said. "Honey I missed you so much!" I missed her to but I wish she would let go of me, I could barely breathe. "I love you too Mom!" I said, then walked to my room to unpack. I tried to call Kat but she didn't answer, she must be busy. By the time I went downstairs Mom had dinner made. We sat down, said grace, and started eating. About five minutes later the phone rang. My mom answered it. As the person on the other end talked my mom starred at her food, her face turning white with tears forming in her eyes. After ten minutes she hung up the phone, I got up and hugged her asking what was wrong. "The boys..." she said, "Kat.." A billion thoughts flooded my head. What happened!?!? "Mom I need you to tell me what happened. "They found Niall in the kitchen dead and the other boys in the car they had all been shot and Kat is no where to be found." For a minute I couldn't believe was she was saying then it all became reality. I started crying hysterically, I would never see my boyfriends again and Kat I hope she is ok." I fell to the ground punching it with my fist. How could this happen? My friends, my boyfriend, whoever did this took everything!  -Kats POV- Everything went black. Am I dead? Where am I? I must not have been dead I felt a sharp shooting pain in my right arm. Then the memories flooded back. Niall!?!?! Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis!?!? My whole world came crashing to the ground. Jess! I wonder what she is doing. Does she know? I started to panic. Why would someone do this, why did he come back? The day started so great and ended with the death of my boyfriend and four of my best friends. Why couldn't he have killed me, it would have been better that way i wouldn't have to live with the fact that he murded the people I love the most. Mom!?!? I totally forgot about my mother, has he killed her to? There are so many memories and thoughts going through my head. It gets too overwhelming and I fall into a deep sleep.

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