Kat Malone, even though her parents are very good friends with one directions manager she has never meet or even talked to the guys of her dreams. But is her life really all that great as she makes it out to be? Is she hiding something that has left her broken and shattered inside? Will she ever get the courage to talk to someone and let the truth out?


7. Couples

-Louis POV- Jess and I sat in the kitchen. We didn't say anything for a while I studied her, she had long blonde hair and beautiful eyes. What is Kat up to? I asked myself. The silence kept getting more and more akward, I had to think of something to say. "So Jess your Kats friend?" I spat out. I watched her lips as she formed the words. "Yea, yea I am." She said blushing. "Cool cool." I said yet again running out of things to say. "Yup." she replied. I turned to see Kat in the other room making kissy faces at me, and as if something else was controling me I leaned and kissed Jess. "Ohmygod! im sooo sorry." Instead of replying she simply leaned in and kissed me. By the time everyone else decided to join us again we were in a full blown make out session. We didn't notice until Harry pulled me off of her and jokingly yelled, "No shes mine!" Once again we were all struck with laughter. -Kats POV- I was too tired to do anything else so Jess and I headed to my room to get some shut eye. As I layed in bed my mind started to wonder. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth with his hand as he drug me back into the basement. Then it turned into a dream and again i woke up screaming. Luckly I didn't wake up Jess. I went to the kitchen to get some water and went back to bed. I woke up to the boys singing "Its time to get up in the morning, in the morning, we've got-" I hit Zayn with my pillow and they stopped. As soon as they left the room Jess and I got up. We went downstair to get breakfast, we grabbed some pop-tarts and headed to the living room where the boys were to watch cartoons. Jess went over to sit by Louis and I took a seat by Niall. I heard Lou tell Jess good morning then I looked back to see him kissing her. "So you guys a thing now?" Liam and Zayn asked at the same time. They simply answered by grabbing each others hand an kissing again. I glanced over at Niall who shot me a smile, i happily smiled back. But because of the dream i had last night I wasn't very happy. Niall saw it in my face. Niall got up and went to the kitchen, I slowly followed. "Whats going on?" he asked as soon as we got in the kitchen. "Another bad dream." I said queitly, hoping he wouldn't hear but he did. He came over to me and put his arms around me and i couldn't keep the tears from falling. I looked up at him and he wipped the tears off my face and after what seemed like hours of staring into my eyes he finally leaned down and kissed me.

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