The Night of Halloween (Gothic Horror Entry)

*This is for a competition that 'Inside The Mirror' is holding* More chapters to come...


1. 1

I take a step outside. The thick, cold air whooshes past my face, leaving a shiver roll down my spine. Trees rustle about in the breeze and the full moon shines bright, placed in the middle of the sky amongst the many stars. It’s the night. The night of Halloween. Anything could happen…


I had agreed the night before that I would meet Lizzie, Austin, and Chris down by the oak tree, in the middle of the park. They, unlike me, had an idea of what they were going as: a ghost, vampire and devil. I had no clue, which is why I’m now standing in the typical witch’s outfit I had on last year. Not to mention the year before that, as well.

I start to walk over the cobbled path, which crunches beneath my feet. I give a wave to my brother who sits by the lounge window, one of his arms outstretched, whilst the other lies in a sling. He broke his arm last week. Something to do with a footie tackle. He was distraught when Mum told him he couldn’t go trick or treating, but now he seems fine with it, giving me a toothy smile. I smile back, turning my head to the footpath ahead of me, and starting on my way…

When I reach the gate to the park, I see an outstretched pile of land, green grass flooding every bit of it. It’s not fully dark yet, I can just about see, but as I begin to move across the park, it gradually blackens.

“Damn,” I mutter to myself, “I should have brought a torch.”

Anyhow, I carry on, until I find myself bumping into something: The Oak Tree. Phew. I made it. I circle around it to see if I can feel any of my friends, but none of them seem to be here, so I place myself on the grass, my witches dress slowly dampening.

After fifteen minutes, I begin to wonder where they’ve got to. They did say to meet here, didn’t they? Before I have a chance to get up, and start on my way home, I hear a loud thud, and some shadows jump out from the branch above me. At first, I begin to get frightened, but as soon as a torch flickers on, I notice it’s just my friends: Lizzie, Austin and Chris.

“Hey Ellie, you were well scared!” Chris sneers, and I nudge him with my elbow.

“Isn’t that the point, it’s Halloween?” Lizzie states, nodding her head at both of us. I smile, grabbing the torch off Austin, and moving it around so I can see the scenery.

The park is deserted, except for the oak tree we’re under. I look around. The moon is still high in the sky, and I hear a few bats shuffle about overhead. I look back to the gate, where I came from. Then I notice something. It’s open.

I thought I left it closed. I really did. I squint, looking closer, and as I do so, I notice a figure, a shadow moving across the park. They begin to speed up, their face unrecognisable, and then my heart stops. For that one second. That one second when I realise it: They’re coming this way…

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