take me home...

THE SEQUEL TO LIVE WHILE WE'ER YOUNG!!!!! things were left unsaid and tragic sruck but will that all change in the last book take me home. sammy was proposed to by liam, harry and caty are getting married what will happen to niall and zayn is looking for a special someone and what is up with that weird kid jack? what will hapen in the fall that is different from the summer?


2. the car

Liam's POV

i see a blond haired kid in the front driving. " tell me where she lives!" he screams and then i say " who are you?" " jack, no tell me where caty lives!" i stare at him in shock and say " with me and harry.." " oh with that fagot harry! " he says while he spins the wheel and pulls up to our miami beach house. " get out!" he says whil he opens the door and takes out a gun. " shut the fuck up and let me in the house!" he drops me and barges through the window holy shit.


sammy's POV

i so there and here a voice " hey" i look up to see nialls hands in his pockets as he comes close to me. " i heard you loved me" he says and i smile and say " well yea" i get up and he kisses me and kisses me for a long time and i love it he means the world to me. we go to the car and he kisses me in the front seat and he says " i think we should probabaly go." i smile and say " i dont want to go home lets stay at my place." he smiles and says " ok".


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