take me home...

THE SEQUEL TO LIVE WHILE WE'ER YOUNG!!!!! things were left unsaid and tragic sruck but will that all change in the last book take me home. sammy was proposed to by liam, harry and caty are getting married what will happen to niall and zayn is looking for a special someone and what is up with that weird kid jack? what will hapen in the fall that is different from the summer?


1. why?

Sammy's POV

i stare into his choclate brown eyes while he says "why?" my palms get sweaty and i get nervous. how was i suppose to tell him. " liam listen i can't marry you because i love niall". i riped the bandage off and he gets up and looks at me and stares at the stars. liam bites his lip and looks down and says " i should have never broken up with danny because then this would never of happened!" he says whil he gets up and throughs a piece of bread across the balcony ad he leaves. i put my hands on my head and cry. i have broken a nice person and i am horrible.


Niall's POV

i run out and go into the car and cry. i can't believe i blew my chance with her. I should of told her a long time ago and i am just hurt. i whipe my eyes and look out the window and see liam comming out of the door, he has the ring in the box and sits down on the curb. what happened? i get out of the car and say " liam are you alright?" he looks at me and says " no".


Liam's POV

I through the piece of bread and storm out of there and cry, how could she i loved her and i knew i should of never of trusted her after she cheated. i am so angry! "are you alright" i hear nialls accent and say " no" he sits next me and says " she said no?" " yup" i make a plopping sound at the end and we look at eachother. " why?" he says. i pause and say " she loves you not me, you" he looks at me and says " oh, i am sorry lad" i smile and think niall kneeds a good girlfriend." you go have her" i say and his eyes shot up and he says " really?" i smile and say " really and go get her" he shoots up and flys in the door ways. then a black car drives by and says " GET IN OR SHE DIES" i get in and see oh shit....

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