Life is harsh.

A sweet little Larry I wrote a month ago.
This has self-harm in it.


2. Sudden change in emotion.

Harry's P.O.V

"It's just what, Harry?" His voice slowly started getting quieter. He let a tear drip down his cheek. I quickly wiped the tear, but failed as three more started to fall, racing eachother, I just stared into his eyes, a million emotions showing. "L-Louis.. you'll never understand.. you can't.." I sighed, "Look.. Harry, trust me, you can tell me anything, anything at all, you know that, right?" I just bit my lip a bit harder, causing it to start bleeding slightly "L-Louis.. it's Eleanor.. everytime you guys kiss, my heart breaks, everytime you look at eachother I wish that was me.. all those hugs and laughs you shared.. those happy moments.." I stopped talking as Louis just ran out of my room. I gave him a puzzled look.

I just picked up my blade and pressed it against my skin again, realizing that he hated me.. he rejected me.. everything would now be awkward between us.. I hated myself for this. I pushed the blade in and held my breath, trying not to make a sound, soon enough, cuts covered my body, my arms and legs, covered with scars, I suddenly felt my eyes shut.. then black. Plain black.. nothing else. I wasn't dead..or was I?



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