Life is harsh.

A sweet little Larry I wrote a month ago.
This has self-harm in it.


1. It hurts.


Harry's P.O.V I sat on the freezing cold bathroom floor, why did Louis have to do this to me.. why was life so cruel.. my grip gradually grew tighter on my razor blade as I pressed it gently against my skin, my skin was pale, I was weak, I hadn't eaten for days, ever since Eleanor moved in with us my life had been ruined, my chance with Louis has been destroyed. I started making a few scratches, marking how long they would be as I slowly struggled to apply pressure but stopped as soon as I heard a familiar calming voice call me..   Louis suddenly burst into the bathroom, his jaw dropped at the sight. My blade slipped out of my fingers and made a tiny noise as it hit the marble floor. My vision was suddenly blurred by the amount of sudden tears that started gushing out of my eyes. "Harry.." I heard him say, "Why, Harry.. why.." he rushed by my side and wrapped his arm around me. "You know you can tell me anything. Why the blade?" My heart sank as I saw the tears forming in his eyes. "Louis.. I'm sorry.. look.. it's just.." I bit my dry, chapped lips, not wanting to continue.


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