Life Change

Aj,Kat,Talyor,Jade run into ONE DIRECTION and fall in love with them.
(Aj and Kat are Twins)but as soon as someone get jelous thing get bad



Aj's P.O.V
I can hear Zayn and Harry talking about Jade and he likes her I was just about to run and go tell her but I ran into Louis. "Hey babe where you going" he said he kinda looked drunk. "Im going to go find Jade dont call me babe only if we are dating" "Ok because I like you will you date me Aj?" ok hes not drunk because thier are no drinks. "Yes I will date you Lou" i said with a big smile "Thanks I really like you and Jades over there." "thanks" I finally found Jade but she was making out with Liam I got mad. "UGHHHHHH" I yelled but they didnt stop making out.

Zayn's P.O.V

"My crush is Jade shes hot" I told Harry "Yeah but I think she likes Liam look" he said. I saw them making out and the first thing I tought was how Rachel would fell about this. "haha lets see how that bitch Rachel fells about this now." he said with a smerik I didnt know he hateed her. I came up to them "Hey Liam" they finally stoped "Whats up man have you meet Jade?" he said like if nothing happend."Yes I know Jade and dont be kissing other girls when you have a girlfrind that luck to have you I tought you were the nice one in the group" I said really mad "Wait Zayn its not like that" I ignored him.

Liam's P.O.V
"Zayn  I I I I didnt mean it like that dont tell Rachel plese" I said panicing. I didnt know anyone saw me and Jade kissing dame in a big truble "Your so mean Liam I didn't know you were like that I hate you" Rachel said crying. "No Rachel it wasn't like that please" "NO! just leave me alone don't talk to me I hope that other bitch is a better kisser than me" she was really mad at me.

Rachel's P.O.V
Are you ok Rach?" Aj saw me crying. "NO im not ok Liam is cheating on me with this other girl named Jade" I  couldent stop crying "Look Liam is a jerk you a nice girl dont be sad you will find someone else that woun't cheat on you" "How do you know that he was the only boy i liked" "Its ok trust me i'll someone for you im always here for you" she keep calm.

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