Life Change

Aj,Kat,Talyor,Jade run into ONE DIRECTION and fall in love with them.
(Aj and Kat are Twins)but as soon as someone get jelous thing get bad


3. Chapter 2

Harry's P.O.V
I totaly forgot about Liam no wounder why I felt a missing pice in the band.  "Should I call Liam or is he not invited" I was asking Louis "Yeah I totaly forgot about him." Lou said. I called Liam's phone but Rachel answerd I dont like her. "Hello" she said "Um Rachel is Liam their I need to ask him something" I said fast "Yeah hold on" I heard her yell out to him. "Hey Harry whats up something wrong?" he said "Yeah will you and Rachel come to Louis house for a girls birthday" "Sure be their on a little"

Niall's P.O.V

"Its Kat right?" I asked one of the twins "No its Aj but i dont care we're twins" she said really nice "Ok happy birthday" I said shaking "Thanks Nialler" she never stoped smiling. I see Liam and Rachel coming in and the first thing Aj did was run up and hug Rachel "Hey Liam looks like your girl will have a girlfrind" "Shut up I think they are just close frinds dont make it look wrong" He said kinda mad. We need like a little more people and some balloons so it can really be a party we have cake but i dont care.

Rachel's P.O.V

So me and Liam go into Louis house because its someones birthday and the first person I seeis my bestfriend Aj. "Hey Aj happy birthday I didnt know the party was for you" I was so happy to finally see her after like 5 years. "Yeah and thanks you remembered I missed you so much we should hang" "Yeah sounds fun" I really missed her alot shes my parter in crim shes like my sister. But right now I need to find Liam I already lost him and thiers not that many people I think i need glasses

Zayn's P.O.V
I see Liam amd his girl walk in and im just like shock because I didnt know he was coming. "Hey Liam what up" "Sup Zayn and nothing you got a girl jet?" I kinda vot mad because i dont have a girl "No not jet but i might like maybe at the end of the day or week" I said all mad. "hey no need to be mad and with who" he said like if hes my new stalker "This girl named Jade I think she likes me"

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