Life Change

Aj,Kat,Talyor,Jade run into ONE DIRECTION and fall in love with them.
(Aj and Kat are Twins)but as soon as someone get jelous thing get bad


2. Chapter 1

Kat's P.O.V
We're going to Nandos. I am freaking out going crazy
because i saw one direction. Niall came over to me and asked if i wanted to sit with him and the boys. "Of course but i have to bring my sisters with me is that ok?" I asked. "Its ok how many sisters do you have?" "I have 3 sisters" "OK".

Talylors P.O.V
kAT told us that we were going to sit with one direction. When we sat down all the boys where thier exspect for Liam "Hey where is Liam?" I asked them "With his girlfriend Rachel" Zayn told me. "ok". They offered us the finided food in Nandos. It was really good. I never wanted to stop eating I was about to stell everyones food. Well i did I stole a little bit of every ones food but not Niall i was afrid to steal from him. I saw that Kelly wasent eating so i got more food from her she saw my but it looked like she didnt care.

Kellys P.O.V
The boys offered us the finished food it was so good. The thing the boys didnt know is that it was mine and Kats birthday. I keep quiet because i hoped someone would tell them but no one did. "Hey are you ok he didnt even touch your food and you are so quite" Louis told me. "No nothings wrong its just that today is my birthday and no one remembered i get that you and the boys but not my sisters" I told him. "hey when we leave want to come over to my place your have the beat party ever." "Ok thanks"

Jades p.o.v
I was fracking out because I was siting next to Zayn and he is so hot. I kinda got a little jelous because Kelly and Louis were talking and smialing. "why cant me and Zayn be like that" i wishpeted to myself "what?" Zayn said i got scared that he heared me "I didnt say anything"i told him "Yeah you did you said ''Why cant me and Zayn be like that" yeah I heared you "Oh its because i see Louis and Kelly having a good time talking and......" I pused myself "And you want me to talk to you right" "Yeah" "hey i heared that its Kellys birthday and Louis is going to have a party for her want to came woth me" "Yes"

Louis P.O.V
Man I love Kelly she is awsome shes just like me fun,funny,outgoing eveything else. I invied her to my house and I think everyone hered me so it wont be a surpise if they all come to my house. Im having a party for her any ways so they had to came. "Hey Kelly" I finally said "Yeah what is it Lou" she answed. "lets go let me take you to my house ;)" I told her "Ok but what about the reast of the boys" she seamed kinda scared "we brought two cars i dont like when Harry drives so I brought my own car" "Ok lets go"


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