Give us a Chance

*For the Huffington Post Competition* (I wasn't sure if we were supposed to do it formally, or informally, but I hope this is ok anyway...)


1. *Huffington Post Article*

Watching TV, lazing about, playing on PlayStations… The list could go on, about how many things teenagers ‘supposedly’ do in their spare time, according to many adults. Apparently, we are embarrassed to read in front of others, would rather watch TV than read or write, but has anyone really thought about what we actually do, instead of presuming our interests?

Due to advanced technology these days, children are thought to be brought up in a different world, where computer’s, TV’s, and smartphones seem to be the option for everything: Homework, music, social communication. Books seem to have become less popular, and more and more people are tempted to use their money on something different, like a new phone, or laptop. Maybe, everyone does seem as though they’ve changed, but that doesn’t mean that everything else has been left behind?

Does a bookworm even exist these days?

Does anyone ever scribble in a diary anymore?

 It doesn’t seem like any of them occur now, because of the technology-addiction-level rising, but perhaps they do. We just have no proof. Or so people think

Movellas is an online writing community, amongst many others on the net. Yes, it is on the internet, – a modern form of technology – but it also supports the many people out there who do have a passion for reading and writing. Has anyone who thinks we are lazy ever thought of checking sites like this? No, because there are clearly millions of people out there who don’t just sit and watch TV, who don’t laze about and do nothing, who don’t just play video games all day long, and no one realises how many do enjoy reading and writing.

When the kindle was invented in 2007, it gave a chance for millions out there to buy books for cheaper prices, and to enjoy reading more. Do you really think they would have invented this if they thought no one would read using it? I don’t think so. Although it may have been aimed for adults, lots of teenagers own one themselves. It’s a form of technology, but it’s a good one. Maybe some people wouldn’t agree, but the ones who love reading and writing as much as some people do, would.

Instead of stereotyping the typical teenager, you should look for the real truth. Maybe the average teenager watches TV almost all the time, but that doesn’t exactly mean all do. Some teenagers hate reading and writing, but maybe you can’t really blame it on them. Not every book in the world will be liked by the same person, and sometimes people start off on the wrong foot. They read one book: they hate it. Why don’t they read another, you may ask? But don’t they need the encouragement? Not everyone is born to love to read, so if you give us teenagers a boost, show us how it’s done, then perhaps we’ll all get somewhere. Perhaps we’ll all stick our head in a book and enjoy it for once. You never know. Anything can happen when you give someone a chance.

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