Inane sicarius

This story does not give much background to the character because to develop this character I would have to write a story longer than 5000 words. Hope you enjoy :)


1. Humans Against Monsters

            A dark shadow loomed on the castle wall, but no one noticed. Without a sound, the shadow plummeted down into the vast courtyard, landing behind a fountain. Preparing himself, the shadowy figure gripped his bow slightly tighter.

“I only got one shot at this. If they see me, I am as good as dead.”

He remained as low as possible and darted from shadow to shadow like a ghost. A guard came into his peripheral vision. Slowly drawling the string back, he let loose. Despite nothing being present at first, a pale purple arrow appeared from the guard’s chest. Not bothering to retrieve the arrow, for it disappeared in seconds, the assassin continued his stealth-like mission.

“Let’s make this a bit harder,” he thought.   

The figure slung the bow over his shoulder and retrieved his backwards dagger, a weapon he was not as familiar with, from his belt. The dagger is an evil red color with a green tip, where it had been treated with poison. He checked his throwing knives. The twelve blue blades where still hooked to his belt, twinkling every time light touched them.

He resumed his progress across the courtyard and to the front entrance of the vast castle.

“This should be fun, I guess. Only if the definition of fun is nausea caused by human blood sprinkled with a blast of adrenaline…... An enormous amount of training for such a short mission with the same orders as the last ten..….. Execution without exceptions.” “Love it,” he thinks sarcastically. “Beggars cannot be choosers apparently.”

He slowly opens the door, just enough to slip into the corridor. Shutting the door behind him, he became immersed in the darkness. Long moments passed. Sensing a presence, the man in the shadows glances to his left. Around a curve is a guard who is approaching with a torch. Without a thought the shadowy man hurled a knife in the direction of the light, before the man could approach around the corner. A dull thud of a blade penetrating deep into bone was heard, nothing else. All was quiet until the flickering of flames began to emanate from the left hallway.

Alarmed by the thought of being caught, the infiltrator bounded to the right hallway and began ascending the stairs as fast as possible. Upon reaching the mouth of the door, the man peered into the walkway. A guard was pacing back-and-forth passed two doors. The assassin stalked right behind the guard, as his back was turned. The man in the shadows, once being close enough for his breath to be heard, whipped his dagger back and forth in a quick one-two motion, decapitating the guard. The guard fell, his head rolling down the spiral stair case. The infiltrator donned the guard’s apparel and hoisted the guard’s spear.  Entering the second door to his left, the man found the duke sitting on his bed.

Alarmed by the sudden appearance and the infiltration of his chamber by a common guard, the duke began a harsh lecture of discipline and decency, not knowing who he was actually speaking to.

“Please if you would duke, hush,” spoke the man after receiving a minute of harsh words that were quite unnecessary.

“NO ONE TELLS THE DUKE OF LUMBRIDGE TO HUSH!,” replied the duke angrily.

“I just did and if you would, please refrain from speaking loudly and let me explain.”

The duke mumbled his consent.

 “I am a member, dispatched by the void knights, of a secret society established to aid the elves in the elimination of scum that roam Gielinor, favored by the god Zaros; hence my apparel and weapons. We often run operations that eliminate hostile beings that threaten peace throughout the lands. The elves have been targeting this area for some months now because your advisor, Sigmund, is a part of a group of humans that kill other creatures that are not of the same race. His most recent endeavor was an attempted to kill an elf; the king of the elves did not take to kindly his daughter being almost assassinated. They may have failed but it pushed the elves over the edge and gave us enough proof to act. We have been planning this for a few days and one of your guards, the only one that is not working for Sigmund and the only one still alive is waiting in a safe area to assist you. If you hurry you can hide before Sigmund arrives back from his usual night duties and my plan will continue without many flaws.”

“I have had suspensions of Sigmund but I was hoping that it would not be true. I have an entrance behind my bed that will lead me to the basement, I will stay there until it is safe,” replied the duke after contemplating for a moment.

“Good that is where your faithful guard will be waiting for you. Please act now.”

The duke hurried through the secret entrance and was safely out of any possibly danger. Retracing his steps the man in guards robes hid behind a barrel until Sigmund return and walked into the dukes room.

Entering the room exactly ten seconds after Sigmund, the disguised man began his plan.

“Sir Sigmund!! Something terrible has happened!”

“Yes a few of the guards are dead. Where is the king?,” replied Sigmund.

“Not only that, but the left corridor is ablaze. We believe it is an attempt on your and the duke’s life. He has already escaped; I was sent to aid you in your evacuation.”

“This is very grim…… let us make haste then, where is the duke hiding?”

“He has evacuated to the forests, behind the castle, with a few guards,” said the man, hiding the truth.
Descending through a window via a rope, the two landed in the back of the castle, meters away from the exit to the forest.

“Sir, this way will be safest,” he lead Sigmund into the forest and away from the castle.

Minutes dragged by as they walked through the forest. Growing angry, Sigmund asks, “Where are we going? I am not familiar with this path!”

The other man replies, “Of course you are not Sigmund. Your usual path is seventy five meters to the north. The path you take to reach your normal night destination.”

“Night Destination?!? What do you mean by that?!?”

“I am simply stating that you venture after the sun sets to the Human Against Monsters hide out.”

“I have no idea what you are speak of!”

“If you are telling the truth you would not have that panicked look, nor be sweating from your temple, nor bighting the corner of your mouth whenever I am not looking. You are a member and are guilty of many crimes.”

“no…n…n…nn…no one was supposed to know about that,” stutters Sigmund.

“I do… We are here.”

“Where is here?!?” shouts Sigmund.

“This is the one point where no one can here you from Lumbridge or Draynor,” calmly responds the assassin. “For the torment, torture, and murders of hundreds of beings, by your hands, you shall perish.”

Quicker than humanly possible, the capture had Sigmund bound to a tree, completely unable to move.

“As it was most likely you who murdered those three guards I saw while returning to the dukes chambers, how can you accuse me whilst you do the same thing? You are a lying hypocrite!!!” Shouted Sigmund.

“Let me then tell you what you already know,” replied the shadowy figure. “The guard next to the duke’s chambers was a H.A.M member who has aided you in many murders. The guard in the left hallway faked death by a signal I sent him, my knife into a stuffed deer head mounted on the wall. The dropping of the torch must have been an accident. The guard in the courtyard, however, is an odd specimen. He was an escaped convict that you hid in the duke’ guard regiment. That guard tried to murder my fiancée. Now that that is clear---”

The figure began to hurl raw meat at the tree, pinning them in place with throwing knives. After nailing seven pieces of meat to the tree, he begins to walk away.

“That’s it?!!? You are just going to leave me here with raw meat around me to starve?? Be a man and finish your work,” Shouts Sigmund livid and delirious with the thought of death.

“Not by my hands alone shall you perish, but with the help of those you have unjustly persecuted.”

As on cue, goblins appeared from all around, accompanied by wolves and giant rats. Taking several steps back Sigmund’s capture discards his guards apparel, and once again is in his void robes.  Wielding his Zaryte bow in his left hand, he draws forth a very peculiar sword.

The wolves and rats begin to feast on the raw meat surrounding Sigmund and the goblins lift their spears as if to simultaneously stab him.

The void knight raises his bow saying, “you shall die now.”

He shot forth an arrow that passed through Sigmund and the tree, and almost simultaneously set forth lightning from his sword. The goblins followed his actions and plunged forth their spears. As he walked away, he heard the wolves and rats consuming all the raw flesh upon the tree. A look of disgust entered his face as he packed his dagger knifes and his fiancée’s sword into his back pack. Gripping his bow with earnest, he slipped into the dark forest without making a sound.

The strange assassin, shady figure, or void knight was not seen again in Lumbridge. Rumors spread that the bones hanging from a tree in the middle of the forest was a sign that crops would be poor or that weather was to be bad, little did the citizens know it was just a man who was punished.

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