Live While We're Young (a Niall Horan Fanfic)

There once was a 18 year old girl named Anabeth that was a huge directioner, when she gets to go to a 1D meet and greet, but what will end up happening?


5. Meeting Niall Horan

I'm literally jumping up and down like a little girl, when out of the aisles I see a Blondy with gazing blue eyes come over to me. He speaks with his Irish accent saying "Hello twitter girl, may I ask you what your name is?" "H-Hi I'm Anabeth Reyes, nice to meet you Niall" I smile, and he smiles back, gosh how can one person be that much breath taking? He sits next to me in the empty seat since there are 3 seats and only 2 are filled. He pulls out his phone and takes a picture of us and puts it on twitter, just then my laptop beeps saying I got mentioned, it was the picture it said "Me and @WeLuvNialler on the plane, and yes she is the girl I just met over twitter because it turns out we are on the same plane since me and the boys are flying in a public plane" I blushed and favorited the tweet and retweeted it. Then I started getting a bunch of followers and I get tweets saying "are you dating Niall now? And "wow you are very pretty :)" I smiled and then I saw a tweet saying "You are not stealing Niall away from us and you are only using him for the fame!" my heart sunk when I saw that so I just logged out of twitter and turned my laptop off. Ari whispers to me "don't listen to that hate, they are just jealous you are here and not them" I smile and say thank you. And I introduce Niall to ari and she smiles and says hi and same with Niall, Wow this is gonna be the best 7 hours of my life.
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