Live While We're Young (a Niall Horan Fanfic)

There once was a 18 year old girl named Anabeth that was a huge directioner, when she gets to go to a 1D meet and greet, but what will end up happening?


2. Getting ready to leave

" I can't believe this is finally happening!" I said as I packed my last box filled with PINK perfume, sweatshirts, and necklaces. "I know this is going to be so amazing being able to live in London, go to college together and live where One Direction lives!" Ari says. "Well technically Niall is from Ireland" I say teasingly. "Yea yea I know, who could forget about the special little leprechaun!" Laughs Ari. "Ok we are ready to go to the airport!" I shout excitedly as we are done putting our suitcases in the trunk of the car, we are now off!
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