Live While We're Young (a Niall Horan Fanfic)

There once was a 18 year old girl named Anabeth that was a huge directioner, when she gets to go to a 1D meet and greet, but what will end up happening?


7. Best Day EVER

During the plane ride, me and Niall started getting to know each other and gosh did we have a lot in common. He is just so sweet and is one of the nicest guys on the planet! Just then, Niall takes his iPhone out and makes a new tweet. A minute later I heard beeping from my phone meaning I got a mention, when I read it, I started getting about 100 followers a minute, his tweet said "Hey guys can you please follow @WeLuvNialler let's try to get her to a million followers (: xx" "Niall, a million followers?" I said in amazement. " Yes a million followers haha you think this will be the last time Im ever gonna see you? Well your dead wrong!" he says laughing, I join in laughing with him and he starts blushing and looking down at the ground, he just then slips his hand into mine and then I start blushing like crazy! I can tell he noticed to because he whispered in my ear "Blush" and I laughed. Ok I never wanna get off of this plane EVER!
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