Live While We're Young (a Niall Horan Fanfic)

There once was a 18 year old girl named Anabeth that was a huge directioner, when she gets to go to a 1D meet and greet, but what will end up happening?


3. Airport time!

Ok as we take our suitcases out, we dart out of the car garage and head inside the airport and go to the check-in line. "Next!" says the flight person. "Hi I'm Anabeth Reyes and this is Aracely Rodriguez and our flight is to London England" I say politely with a smile on my face. "Ok I found you both, enjoy your flight ladies" she says really nicely. "Ok now we are off!" Ari says with a grin from ear-to-ear. We get to the security check and so we take our belonging and put them in a bin, took our shoes off, an put our luggage into the luggage check. We step inside the medal detecter and then we walk out and gather our things. "Ok we are ready to go! Now where is gate 265? Oh there is the sign, Gates 200-270" I said as we both charge toward the gate and hand the flight attendants our tickets and then we board the plane. Since we already paid for wifi with our credit cards, we instantly got on our laptops and go on twitter. "OMG NIALLER MADE A NEW TWEET!" we both say FanGirling, then we get shushed by another passenger. "Sorry Sir!" I said. "Ok" I whispered, "his tweet says "Just boarded the plane, flying back to London! See ya all at the airport (: xx". We both look at each other with a blank expression and then we start saying "OMG OMG OMG WHAT IF WE BUMP INTO THEM AT THE AIRPORT? What if they are on the same plane we are on right this second!!!! What if we become the best of friends with them and we all live happily ever after and we both get marri-" Ari cutting me off saying "you really think that's ever gonna happen? 2 girls out of the blue meeting the biggest boy band in the world and being best friends with them?" I let out a big sigh and say "I guess not..." "Ok then" she says as the plane begins to move.
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