Are all teenagers really TV driven juveniles? Let me enlighten you...

Many teenagers have been stereotyped as video-obsessed youth, and have forgotten about the art of reading and writing. Let me show you otherwise...

-Entry into the Stand Up on the Huffington Post competition :)


1. Are all teenagers really TV driven juveniles? Let me enlighten you...


To all of you who think teenagers don’t read enough, that we are constantly glued to the TV screen or latest gadgets, let me tell you this: Movellas has thousands of users, all of which have dedicated plenty of their time to read great stories the Movellians have uploaded. So before you judge our generation, look beyond what you see, dig deeper, and behind all the stereotypes, you will find an entire community who read on a regular basis. My name is Jodie, or as you might know me, Jodemeister, and I am going to stand up for our generation, join me and prove to the world that we are not brain dead, TV driven juveniles.

First of all, I would like to share with you, some facts about the stories I have uploaded and how many people have taken the time to read my work.  I have been a member on Movellas since the 26th of January this year, and I have loved every single minute of it. I have a total of twenty-nine Movellas, a grand overall total of 103,015 reads and 141 fans.  If that isn’t enough proof to you that teens enjoy reading, than let me continue.

Movellas has a wide range of genres, and there have been many stories in each category, including romance, mystery, supernatural and poetry. During the long, exciting process of a competition, hundreds upon hundreds of people enter AND take the time to read other peoples’ work!

I have read a lot of books. I have read a variety of classics, dystopian, romance, paranormal and urban fantasy books, all of which have inspired me to write. During the last three years, and now at the age of 16, I have written three books, all of which range from 60,000 words, to 90,000 words. There are many other people, some of which are my friends, have also written a novel at this age. One has to read a book to be able to write one, surely. Am I convincing you now?

During March 2011, World Book Day, many teenagers took part in a survey, and nearly a third of all those who answered, had said that they had read all of the Harry Potter books, and they were their favourite. The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer came second, and The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien came third. Also, many female responders revealed that Jacob Black was their top teen book crush! I sure agree with them!

To prove this even further, World Book Day made sure to question teenagers whether or not they had abandoned the good old hardback for the new Kindle or other digital reading device. Although 13% of responders had said they had ‘embraced the latest technologies and have read a book on a Tablet or iPad’, over half of all responders had said they preferred reading books rather than any other form of media, such as newspapers and magazines. And Rachel Russell, chair of World Book Day, said: "Our results show that in a world of digital media teenagers still love books, and are enjoying classic novels as well as contemporary bestsellers." Surely I am now convincing you that not all teenagers are couch potatoes and sit around playing on the Play Station all day.

I will agree that teenagers do participate in other activities such as going out, playing computer games, watching the TV and other forms of entertainment, but I can assure you that our generation have not abandoned the art of reading.  Many teenagers still make time to settle down, and curl up with a good novel. Don’t underestimate our generation; we are the future after all.

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