Louis my love

Hi I'm Emily, Emily Tomlinson. I'm Louis tomlinson's sister. Today louis is trying out for x factor he is really excited and me and my friend Morgan are here to cheer him on.
Ps Morgan has a crush on Louis.
Well she never told me that I kinda figured it outb on my own. We really hope that he gets through.


1. X factor

Emily's POV
Today my brother Louis has auditions for the x factor he is really excited. "Louis you have to get up ur audition is in half an hour!" I yelled upstairs to Louis." Five more minutes!" Louis yelled back. Then I heared pounding on the door. "who is it ?!" I yelled."it me Morgan" " is Louis ready to go?" she said when I opened the door." No he's still up in bed." I said " well does he know he has auditions?" Morgan asked. " yes and he won't get up he's been up there all morning." I said. Then I heared Morgan running up the stairs then I headed something hit the floor pretty hard. " ow!" I heared Louis yell." Louis its time to get up u have auditions in fifteen minutes!" Morgan yelled. Then I heared Louis running down the stairs swearing. "Emily go tell Morgan that I am extrey mad at her!" Louis yelled. I started laughing. " Louis I told you you had to get up but you didn't listen so Morgan had to go upstairs and get you out of bed!" I said laughing. Then Morgan came downstairs and went up to Louis and hugged him and said " I'm sorry Louis do u forgive me?" I started laughing. " No u pushed me out of my own bed and now my bum hurts!" Louis said. Morgan started fake crying which she is pretty good at she gets me all of the time with that fake crying bit. " no Morgan please don't cry ok ok I forgive you." Louis said. Then Morgan shot up and started clapping and hugging Louis saying" thank you thank you louis.
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