Never forget you

Not much to say, but I'm dying.


2. Yes

I grabbed the bag with the rest of my clothes in it and walked out , mum followed me and caught up with me walking beside me with my scarf I left, I grabbed it off of her and put it on " I know no matter what I say, you wwwwwon't change your mind, but will you , please go to the children's ward for one last ttttttttime?" She stuttered, I had been going to the children's ward for a while now, I had been looking after a girl who reminded me of me, but she had long blonde hair, and I have short dark hair. I gave mum my bag and took the lift up stairs " I'll wait in the car." Mum said tears racing down her face.

I hit up to the children's ward, music was playing quite loudly from the room, you often find that famous bands, I hadn't herd if any new bands since I was diagnosed with cancer, quite sad really but I had no time now, I saw Charlotte( the little girl) listening to the band just staring at the five boys playing a song I never herd of, they were pretty good, I wiped the rest of my tears away and walked into the glass door, not into it, obviously I opened it, I should of opened it last week!!!! I leaned against the glass pane beside Katy, a nurse, we had been talking every time I came up to help, we were kind of friends. " so, who are they?" I asked in a secret agent voice, we did that a lot when we wanted information about each other." Damn girl, even I've heard of one direction,my daughter went to see them the other week." Katy was from America but came to London a few years ago" I've never heard of them, the blonde one is cute, isn't he?" I said biting my bottom lip while he stared at me." Yeh that's Niall, he's my daughters crush!!!" We sniggered.

After a while in silence Katy said "I heard about," crap, I hoped she wouldn't hear about it, she was one of my best friends, " I'm sorry," she said whispering " no, don't be," I stuttered looking down at my shoes," I was going to go anyway." I looked back at the band their song almost finished. " I'm going to....miss you." She said holding in her tears.And we hugged.

The song finished and the band went to play with the kids,I kneeled beside Charlotte "What you painting?" I asked she was only 4 but had an artist hand. " it's you and a g-tar, your a nadural of course." She said, I loved the way she said guitar and natural. "We'll put this on the wall,ok?" I asked, she looked at the painting, then at me, then at the painting " no, I want you to have it!! As a present!!!" She said. Smiling away at me, she put down the paint brush and took the painting off the pegs, and handed it to me. I looked at the painting,I started to cry, "don't cry, is it that bad?" Charlotte asked she hugged me. " no, it's really good, but do I. Have green hair?" We laughed, Niall came over " what you laughing at? Am I wearing jeans?" We laughed harder, " hahaha, no seriously that's happened before!!!" He sniggered harder. " yes your wearing jeans, Hehehehe, your funny!!!" Charlotte laughed." Now boys and girls you need to pack up now and collect your present from the boys." Nurse doally said, all the children went off and sat on the carpet. Niall sat on a pillow beside me, we started to whisper "so why is chaelotte here anyway?" Niall asked he was so nosy, " her mum, has cancer, and she's just waiting." I said looking at him, " I'd hate to have cancer, do you know any one with cancer?" He asked, looking back at me, I stuttered again "erm .... No no, not that I recall,do you?" I asked back, hoping he wouldn't see the lie in my eyes. "Yeh, my...ex... She died, a long time before the band," a tear streamed across his face,he quickly wiped it away with his sleeve, I thought he didn't want me seeing him cry, so I pulled my face away to look at the children getting candy from a curly haired boy," hey, I gave to go now but, can we, if your not busy, get a cuppa, after , I mean?" He asked me, " if your asking me out, I can't, but as friends I can, if that makes sense?" I asked, he looked down " oh yes, it does make sense, you've got a boyfriend, right?" He asked, politely, that reason was so much easier than what it was," yeh, but about that cuppa, I could really do with one!" I smiled, " I say we just ditch this place and go down stairs!" He sniggered,I nodded and followed him out the door. I waved goodbye to Katy as she wiped a tear from her face.
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