Never forget you

Not much to say, but I'm dying.


4. What idiots

"Did you say your name? I didn't catch it."Niall said." That's because I didn't, my names Alice,Alice Pairmen,and yours?" I asked," your kidding me, right? Really? I bet you £10 your kidding!!!" Niall laughed,I tucked both my lips in my mouth and shook my head," oh god you,you must think I'm such a big head!!! Can we start again?" Niall questioned me,I nodded my head"hello,my name is Alice Pairmen,and I just stole my first drink!!!" I laughed and took another sip." We'll I'm Niall Horan,I now hold the world record for the biggest head!!!" He also laughed and took a sip from his drink,"wait,wait,wait,hold on,you THE Niall Horan?" I asked looking at him wide eyed,"ehh,last time I got really big headed,so why don't you just tell me what you mean!" Niall spoke in a directive manner,not in a creepy way though!!! "Hahaha,very funny,no the Niall Horan that wrote that blog on the,school e.c.o system debate,then wrote the story about the 2 girls and the,emmmm what was it?" I was embarrassed of forgetting the name," the,dinosaur? Well yeh I wrote that a few years ago. Why?" Niall asked wondering why I knew the name,"Oh my god, I read your blog when I was a kid,I loved your stories,your a talented writer!!!" I didn't believe it,I loved those stories. I took my last sip of my cup,and looked at my watch it was already 4.30," we'll it's getting ate I better go," I stood up," going already? I'll chum you to your car,or are you walking?" Niall stood up as well."no,no,my mums here, I'll be fine," I walked back," WATCH OUT!!!" Niall shouted,a d before I knew it I was on the ground,I grazed my left elbow. It was sore but not that much. I quickly jumped up," hey watch yourself!!! You'll get hurt!!" Niall rushed to my side,he held my elbow steady. " what did you hurt?" Niall asked. Suddenly a white van came driving past,three boys poked their heads out and through a glass bottle at us,Niall shielding me with his back,I quickly protected his back with my hand,"LOSERS!!! Hahaha!!!" The boys yelled and drove away. "What idiots,are you ok?" I asked looking in his eyes.
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