Never forget you

Not much to say, but I'm dying.


6. To big????

When I opened my eyes,and we were at home,you could see my sisters bedroom curtains from the outside,pink and flowery,"your house is really nice Mrs.Pairmen." Niall acted all polite as he got out the car,"Alice take Niall up stairs and clean his wound. I'll make the dinner." Mum said as she got the groceries out the boot," come on,lets go." I said getting out the car, noall followed me into the house and up the stairs.i grabbed the first aid kit and wet some tissues,"take your shirt off," I told Niall, he took off his bloody shirt and turned around,I caught a glimpse of his six pack,I took the wet tissue and dabbed it on the cuts, "ftttsssss" Niall repeated a couple of times,the door slaked from down stairs " I'm home......anybody? Can you hear me? I said IM HOOOOOOOOME." It was Rebecca back from Paris,I heard foot steps coming up the stairs,"how's that." Niall asked as he walked out the bathroom and out to the landing," ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" And the footsteps went back down,Niall walked back into the bathroom,"was it something I sad?" Niall chuckled,"no she's just scared if topless buys!!!" I sniggered,"anyways I'm done,you want to borrow one of my dads shirts?" I asked looking at the bloody shirt hanging over the bath,"Do you mind?" Niall said,I just walked out the room pulling Niall's hand to come follow me,he did, I found him a work shirt my dad never uses,"it's a bit big,but thanks," Niall said awkwardly,I looked at him and nodded,the sleeves were hanging over his hands,we both laughed. Rebecca came into my room,she went all quiet when se came in,she pulled my ear to her face and whispered," dinners ready?cone down and bring Niall!" Rebecca skipped off with her long black hair trailing behind her," why did she say?" Niall asked," we're wanted!!!" I turned around,and once again,Niall followed me!!!
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