Never forget you

Not much to say, but I'm dying.


1. Once cancer, always cancer

Beep beep, it drives me crazy,that's one reason I stopped the treatment.The treatment was hard too get out of,and mum wasn't happy either,I saw doctor Joseph walking toward my room," Alice, we have some bad news I'm afraid," doctor Joseph came into my room with a clipboard in his arm, he looked serios, more than normal, so I sat up pulling the cable attached to my nose,my mum carefully set the cable free so I could sit up comfortably, she held my hand squeezing it tightly she wouldn't let go, she had bags under her eyes from crying all night. " what is it doctor?" mum said with a tear running down her cheek. "the fit you had last night, was a sign for us that,your not going to make it." Joseph sat on my bed. My heart sank, I wasn't crying,like mum, I new it was going to happen since I stopped the treatment,but never thought of what it was going too feel like. " there must be some mistake, last time we were hear, they said she had at least a year left, and now your telling me, shes DYING?" mum shouting with a tear sliding down her cheek. "mum calm down, your yelling." I tried too calm her down, she wouldn't listen. "Mrs Pairmen, I have too ask you too calm down, sometimes we make mistakes and I'm very sorry but last time we made a mistake." doctor Joseph trying too calm her down as well. " And your telling me this isnt one of thise times? This is outrageous,I'm talking too someone who knows." mum stormed out the room and talked too the first doctor she could find, then the next,then the next. "how long have I got? Till..." I stuttered. Joseph looked down at the white sheet covers, " it's hard to tell, giving what state your in," Joseph was now tearing up, " JUST tell me, please?" I demanded with tears strailing down my cheeks,"About...about 36 days, you are now ddddddischarged" he walked behind me and unplugged the cables, he was tearing up now,tears rolling down his face,I wipped my face and got out of bed, I picked up the bag of clothes up and got changed. " Alice I found someone who can get rid of the cancer all together, it's new ,but should work considering your age" mum was so hyped up and excited,bit still crying, beside gr was a tall Asian doctor," I've talked to your mummy, and we think you have a shot," he said with an accent. " MUM, I'VE TOLD YOU, LEAVE IT" I yelled, I didnt want to go in the middle of a operation,"LEAVE IT AND LET YOU DIE? NO no my baby." she said balling like a baby, the two doctors left the room. I thought to my self, once you have cancer always cancer. But I'm told that's not healthy, I'm a very depressing person.
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