Never forget you

Not much to say, but I'm dying.


3. Mm,unpaid for coffee!!!

We got down stairs,family's buying flowers for their sick ones, and chocolates,there was even a family celebrating,I never got any flowers,I have hay fever."cherry coffee services,what can I get you-oh it's you" a young lady served its,she slowed down after she realised it was Niall,she combed back her hair and smiled a flirtatious smile," hi Niall,back again? You performing with the boys.......again?" She asked twiddling a peace of hair. Again? How many times has he been here,probably a few,he already knows a coffee girl. "Yeh,the usual for me,and..." He turned to look at me," Aehh,ya,ya ill have a......kaplooot? Please." I said in a asking but telling kinda way,"sure a hot chocolate and a kaplooot please,anything else," she shouted," no thank you," Niall answered for us both," ok, that'll be £10.46,you can pay at the stand where you'll get your drinks as well thank you." We walked up to the counter and waited for our drinks,"you have any change? For the drinks," he asked looking deep into my eyes,I checked my purse, I could feel his eyes burning through my purse," nope,sorry,is that a problem?" I was hoping it wasn't going to be a problem," no, not at all, but we're going to have..." He leaned in closer, as did I, "make a run for it!" He sniggered,at first I thought he was joking,but then I realised he was being serious," are you serious? I'm in heels!" I asked widening my eyes as I spoke," take them off,put them in you bag,you'll be fine,we can run outside,believe me I've done this before!!" We waited for our drinks,I took my heels off,I was wearing socks so the tile flooring wasn't that cold on my feet,some waitresses came over with to cups "can we take them to go please?" Niall said with a cheeky smile across his face," sure I'll just do that now." She said smiling back at him.

I quickly put my heels in my bag,carefully so I didn't hit my phone." Here you go,and sugar milk or chocolate sprinkles?" She asked,I was beginning to think her smile was fake." He can we have 2 sashays of sugar,please!" Niall smiled a bigger,I think his jaw was beginning to hurt! " sure!" She turned away and walked around a corner," Go,go,go, I've got your drink!" Niall and me ran out of the building and straight through the car park,"run,behind this van," we dived behind the van,I took a sip out of my drink," mmmm,never had unpaid for coffee!!!" I sniggered " it tastes good!!!"
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