Never forget you

Not much to say, but I'm dying.


7. AKWARD!!!!

We awkwardly sat down at the table,Niall say between me and mum as I sat next to him and dad,Rebecca sat in the space left,"So,Niall,Grace tells me you hurt your back,how are you?" Dad said awkwardly biting a piece of chicken,giving Niall a glare that would make a dead man cry-ok that was over reacting but it was really scary- "Yeh,I'm fine,thanks to the best nurse on the planet!!" Niall gently nudging my arm,I just silently smiled,the table went silent,you could here a pin drop!"yeh,well,Alice had first aid at school!" Mum smiled,bot taking her eyes off the chicken leg, " I think Alice will be a nurse wen she's older!!! She's that good!!!" Niall gave a cheesey smile and took his fork and stabbed a piece of brocoli,the whole table went silent,you could only here the knifes and forks reach the ridge of the plate, my dad looked like he was about to have a heart attack. "You haven't told me,what happened at the hospital?" My dad muttered to my mum,"I'll tell you later mum leaned over to dads ear.

Dad stood up and walked out the kitchen,mum looked down at her plate and quietly muttered something i couldn't hear.


I wondered why,Alice's mum was muttering something,I could tell it was about him."mum,can you take me to,Lilly's sleep over?" The little girl said,I assumed that was Alice's sister. She looked about 14 and had long glossy black hair tied up in a bun,unlike Alice,Alice's hair was a brownish blondish short hair. "Awe,Rebecca,do I have to?" Alice's Mum said pulling a face,Rebecca stuck her bottom lip out like a puppy,"when is it?" Alice's mum gave up fighting back,"tonight,at 8.45!!" Rebecca put down her chicken and waited for an answer,"we have to leave now then,come on,your father can drive." Alice's mum and sister stood up in a rush they grabbed a couple of jackets and a set of keys. A small boy started to walk down the stairs,he looked about three,but I couldn't tell,he was dressed up as a monkey!!!
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