Never forget you

Not much to say, but I'm dying.



"Aggghhh!" Niall screamed in pain,I apologised and sussed out where the pain was,"I'm fine,aggghhh!" Niall screamed. I saw glass on the floor where Niall stood,"I'll still chum ya to your cagggggh!!!!" Niall insisted,"no,go to the hospital,it's right there,I wish I could come with ya,but. Y mums expecting me," I couldn't help it,I had to leave him," no,I'll come with ya,no questions asked aggghhh." Niall insisted again, I asked no questions,and said nothing,we said nothing,until we found my mums car.

"This is it,will you be ok?" I asked hoping my mum wouldn't notice Niall," eh ill be fine, the pains died down a bit,now." Niall said with no screams,but I could tell he was in pain. " oh,and who's this then? A new boy friend?" Mum said wiping a tear away,you could tell she had been crying. "Hello,you must be Mrs.pairmen,my name is Niall Horan,nice to meet you."Niall,said smugly,"hello Niall,and how do you know my daughter?." Mum asked,"we know each other from primary school,we met in there for a coffee," I insisted before Niall could even open his mouth,I gave him a face to tell him just to go along with it, I think he got the message,"well your a very polite young boy, would you care to join us for dinner?" Mum asked scrunching her face and shoulders up,the way I did as a kid when ever I wanted something,"No,Niall is busy so emmmmm......he can't." I lied,hoping she wouldn't see through my lies,"No,no, Mrs.Pairmen,I would love to have dinner with you,just,I would need to call someone first but I can rearrange something's!!!!" Niall chuckled,I didn't want him to come round,I had to think up something quick," Well,Niall has friends of his in there,and we need to-" I was inturupted by a terrible yelp coming from Niall's mouth,he bent forwards holding his scrapes." Oh god,sweet heart,you need to check that out," mum said holding both her hands to hands to her mouth," No,no,Mrs.Pairmen,I'm fine,it only needs a plaster." Niall insisted through crying pains,all could think was 'there huge scrapes along his back a plaster isn't going to solve that problem!!!' "Well,at least let my Alice check you out!!!! She helped her sisters broken arm," mum had her plan set perfectly,if Niall came back and I checked his scrapes, he would have to stay for dinner,she was good at planning that," Ok,but I don't want to intrude," Niall said," don't be silly." Mum made a gesture to get Niall in the back of the car. I sat in the front where my 'twilight breaking dawn' book was. I moved the book and sat on the seat,I rested my head on the car seat head and closed my eyes.
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