Lost Friends

Strange things are happening. One by one each friend is disappearing and they are never seen. until a mysterious girl comes to town then things start to change. Chase and the mysterious girl will have to team up if they want to save there town.


2. they all disappear

We went to the address Winter gave us to her house address earlier that day. I reached the door But before I could knock the door just creaked open by itself I knew something was wrong with this place the moment I saw it then we all walked though then Winter just appeared out of no where almost magic.Her black hair hung by her head in long, thick, waves. Her pale sking stood out in the dark and her dark, stormy eyes were dim like a stormy sky.Her small pale lips formed a smirk. she asked

"do you like my house"

I replied

"Yes its nicely decorated"

she said

"I'll take you around my house I'll even show you my party room"

she took us around the house then it came the party room there was everyone who went missing was there I said

"hey everyone how are you"

they didn't respond it was almost like they were ghost or in a trance she said

"oh wrong room"

it was like she didn't want us to see that then after the party room one of us disappeared and seven other people did after each room then it came when I was only left then she came out of the robe she was wearing then there was a dress there then it was the actual party room and most people from school  was there and after the night was done I went out of the house without my friends and the next day they were there I asked them

"I thought you disappeared yesterday"

Then it all became clear i'm still in the house but trapped in a paranormal world cause everyone hated me and I was actually a nobody? No it cant be! I am the popular fit guy everyone loves.

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