Lost Friends

Strange things are happening. One by one each friend is disappearing and they are never seen. until a mysterious girl comes to town then things start to change. Chase and the mysterious girl will have to team up if they want to save there town.


3. Escape!

"I must get out of here"shouted chase worriedly he could hear evil laughing and it echoed all across school then a mysterious voice said "There's no escape!" Chase thought what if i go home and i think of a way to escape then he thought again why don't i make people like me again that will show her and maybe we'll have a chance to escape. the next paranormal day he went to try out for football that didn't work cause he was rubbish at it then he tried rugby he got in then he thought if i make our team win maybe people will start to like me again.It is his first game he touched down several times more he touched down people started like him more and more when the game was finished half of the school liked him again he thought again the next game everyone will like me then winter will weaken then we'll all escape it was the next game against the rugby champions.so he touched down 3 times then he got injured a bit but he never gave up. He touched down 3 more times the whole school was routing for him he couldn't let them down he made the team win the championship twenty minutes later there was a portal back to the real world he lead all the school back. they fortunately scuttled out of the house,like gazelles escaping from a lion.Then all the school went to battle...

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