Lost Friends

Strange things are happening. One by one each friend is disappearing and they are never seen. until a mysterious girl comes to town then things start to change. Chase and the mysterious girl will have to team up if they want to save there town.


1. She Had To Come (Introduction)

 Hey people my name is Chase I go to a school called arcanus high.I have a lot of friends there. Yes that's right I am popular! All the girls love me. But one day when I went to school I found a new girl sat in my seat. so I just went and sat with his friends .But  then people started to disappear one by one. So me and my friends that hasn't disappeared yet are going to investigate how the rest of his friends disappeared. Maybe I will come back maybe I wont but it was just a risk I will have to take. But I have a feeling the new girl, Winter, has something to do with this. I should keep my eye on her! 

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