The day I met u

Bella is girl that goes to high school but when her best friend Harry leaves for a abduction for XFACTOR will they meet again.


2. Questions to prom ???? Maybe

It's been two weeks since Harry has talked to me.
But why didn't he talk to me so I texted him

Bella:hi Harry I was wondering if
you wanted to talk to me?
Harry:oh hey um uh I want to talk to u tommorow.
Bella:oh yeah that's cool.

Next day
Hey Harry hi Bella um I want to ask you something?
Yeah anything Harry um would you like to go to prom with me?
Of course tears fell down to my cheek .aww your crying.
So what color is your dress going to be?
Red velvet :) cool so I will pick u up on Friday night
At 8:00

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