The day I met u

Bella is girl that goes to high school but when her best friend Harry leaves for a abduction for XFACTOR will they meet again.


1. First day

It was agust 1st the first day of school !it was 6:30am I woke up to take a hot shower. When I was done I put my uniform a white polo (tight) blue skinny jeans and blue toms . I blow dryed my dirty brown hair and curled it . I didnt really like makeup so I just applied some water proff mascara just case if it rains .and put some of my EOS lip balm. There perfect,:)I ran down the stairs and grab my house keys and headed to the bus I Sat in first row with my BFFs Celia and damiana .celia had blonde shraight hair ad blue eyes .Damiana had long black hair in a fish tail braid .we finally made to school :)my home room was mrs.kindsy my English teacher .I sat next to Harry we bein friends since kinder garden and boy I had a crush on him ever since helped me on my poem .
Harry:wow Bella looks beautiful I wish I could call her mine :(.bella:hey Harry how was your summer?
Harry:oh nice I went on a road trip to Orlando witch took forever .
To be cotunied

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