Runescape:Elder's Daughter

The girl looked at him and smiled nervously.


1. The girl

In the land of Geilinor the rain was plummeting from the sky. The dark cloud blocked all sight of light and the weather was terrible everywhere was raining except near a young girl. She pulled the hood over her head and tucked the strands of brown hair into the hood and quietly knocked on this door. But this girl wasn't no normal girl no, she was the daughter of the great Elder but no one knew who  the girl was to everyone else she was a random 14 year old girl only the great ones knew her. She knocked on the door and waited for someone to open the door. A young woman opened the door in her hand were muffins.

"Hello what's your name?" the woman asked the girl shook her head.

"Harry come here look its a young girl" the woman exclaimed suddenly a busy looking man was beside her smiling.

"Hello young girl do you need a home" the man asked. The girl nodded her head silently.

"Come in" Harry mumbled. The young girl walked in looking around at the house inside it was neat and tidy with pictures inside of a baby girl. Harry and the woman were whispering at each other then nodded their heads.

"I'm Harry this is my wife Ruth you can call us mom and dad we will call you Eliana our daughter" the man exclaimed smiling at the girl. The young girl walked in quietly and sat on the floor. She held the necklace in her hand and drifted off to sleep.

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