What if you fell in love with a girl who you've been with since childhood?
What if she only looks at you like a bestfriend and nothing more?
Will her feelings change? Or will Austin ,her boyfriend, stop them? <Niall Horan Love Story> **Sorry. i know its sucks at first but trust me ;) and its my first so please :)**




Amelia's POV:

After Niall and i reunited i quickly asked him: "Niall, why are you here? in London?" i asked him in a nice way "Uhm, well i auditioned (sp?) at a show and i got in the finals soooo..." "WHAT? oh my god you never told me you had some talent in you!" "I moved in here."

Niall's POV:

Do you ever feel like you whole life will end right now? thats what i felt when Mae left. Yup, Mae short for Amelia ;) I quickly find a way inorder to make my parents move in London. Why? i can't let Mae and Austin be at one place and uim not there! So, i auditioned at X Factor. And luckily i got in a BAND! Niall and the potatoes maybe? Kidding aside, We quickly went to London and Contacted Mae's Dad to ask their address and fortunately the house infront of them is for sale ((YEAH MAAAAN)) we settled in. Oh, and Tommorow i get to study at Mae's school ;) i have ways man.

Amelia's POV:

So i spent my whole day with Nialler :') I missed him. I know im overreacting but its my bestfriend we're talking about! Haha. "Let's go to Nandos!" I told him "What is that? Mall? Arcade?" "No you silly. Its a Restaurant!" "FOOD?" "Yes Niall, Food." I said "Well then, what are we waiting? Christmas? LETS GO!" He pulled me. "I swear you'll love there!" i said. Oh, and its already dismissal :)


Niall? i think he ordered the whole menu. I dont blame him. Its NANDOS MAN. NANDOS. After we ate we talked about things. He made fun of some weirdo students that we saw at school. I mean, its the first day of school.

**Oh gosh. Sorry guys :( My mom will confiscate my phone and Laptop for awhile :( Sorry :( I promise i'll make it up to you. And... Comment! Some ideas or if you guys want more :) And please please share this to your friends :) thanks! x
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