What if you fell in love with a girl who you've been with since childhood?
What if she only looks at you like a bestfriend and nothing more?
Will her feelings change? Or will Austin ,her boyfriend, stop them? <Niall Horan Love Story> **Sorry. i know its sucks at first but trust me ;) and its my first so please :)**


2. Intro

Amelia's POV:

I'm here. Infront of my locker. Just getting some of my books for my next class which is..... Physics! First day of school. And i haven't even talked to someone yet. why? New student. We just moved in. It was really hard for me. Leaving my friends in Mullingar, Ireland. Then, moving here at London. My dad's job that's why. But. A big BUT. My boyfriend Austin came with me. How sweet of him right? We've been together for 4 months already and still staying strong! And ever since then, My bestfriend has been acting weirdly. He's avoiding me. What does that suppose to mean? Have i done something wrong?

Anyways, I felt someone tap me. "Hey there!" A girl said. "Um, hi?" "Could you please i don't know maybe MOVE?!" she shouted at me. "Why? isn't the hallway enough for you?!" i shouted back. "I don't need te hallway. i need a WAY to my locker." "oh," i looked behind me and saw 'Michelle' written on big letters. "So if you please excuse me..." i moved out of the way. People staring at me. Oh great. just great. first day of school Amelia and you get embarrased already? ugh.

I continued my day and walked to my physics class. Hoping that no one will notice me as the girl who was shouted to awhile ago. ._.

"Goodmorning Class." I'm guessing Mr. Sanchez? "I'm Mr. Sanchez and i'll be your physics teacher..." I went off to my own world as i drew my name on the back of my physics notebook. As you can see i love art. Its... its my life. "Class, we have a new student!" oh god please don't let it be me no no no no... "Come in." Come in? If i wasn't the new student who Mr. Sanchez was about to introduce then who is it?

"Guys this is...." i haven't really heard the guy's name because when he entered the room all the girls freaked out and stood up trying to get his attention. "Mister, you can sit beside..... Amelia." All the girls gave me death glares ugh. i don't even like the guy. Chill? "Hey Amelia!" An irish-accent called me. Wait-- i know that accent. "N-niall?" i turned to see if it was really him..... "Hey ;)" Oh god its really him.
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