The devils wife

A girl called Everline, who lives with her father the vampire king and his new wife Liza.Everline's real mum is still with her but they dont get to see eachother much.Everline is about to embark on something that could distory her world.
One guy who she loves, will kill her farther and distory the world unless Everline can stop him with her love.
(Sorry everyone but im not good at the blurbs)


1. My 18th birthday


It's my 18th birthday! I've been so exited to go to the party of the centery.My dad was looking forward to it and it was abit scary because he's normaly more intrested in work or his new wife.  They had the biggest wedding ever and vampires around the world came.The vampires were thrilled that their king or leader as some say, found himself a queen.Some say it's the begining of a new euora.  My dad really splashed his money on the wedding.He looked fantastic on the day.Very handsome.I got to be the bride's maid.Liza his new wife looked incredible beautiful.Her long, black hair in two braides at either side and came together, the rest of her hair flowed in curls.The wedding dress was white with sparkles.Her bouquie were red roses and diomonties on.Anyways the after-party was too loud by the music and chatter of the poeple.And too crowded by the poeple.  So i walked out of the party past the huge stair case, straight throught the kitchen and walked down the white gravel path, that led to the big, long stables.  There are three hundred horses altogether, including mine.  I have a black stallion horse.His name is Storm, he's fast, strong and beautiful.I love him.I love riding in the the dark, when the moonlight bounces of his jet black coat, that makes a silver-blue shimmer.  He's baisically my best friend because since being a prinsess i can't have a real friend because i have to be protected.  I spent the rest of the hour brushing and grooming him.Telling him how the wedding went.  I said my goodbyes to my dad and Liza and gave them a hug each.No one knew where they were going to have their honeymoon, not even Liza.But they rang every now and then.Their honymoon was for three weeks.  Liza was'nt bad or evil like the ones in the fairy tales.She tried really hard to be motherly.  We went on shopping trips for clothes or make-up.We would get our nails and hair done as well.I think i could accept her as my step-mum but in my heart she could never replace my real mother Emily-Rose.  I hardly talked to my mum or visited.I used to go to her on the weekends and i would take my dairy to write down what we did and so on.So i could remember good times i've spent.I write in my dairy every day.  I missed my mum but when i went over to hers, i would worry about my dad and he'd worry about me.  We would ring eachother every day.My dads voice on the phone was mixed with worry, sadness and lonlyness, so i stopped going to my mums on the weekend and just rang her every other day  I asked my dad if my mum could come to my birthday party.It went bad.We would have constant aruements and it would go on every day, until a week later i broke down crying in front of him.That was huge because the last time i cryed was when i tripped over and scraped my leg, when i was seven.  He fanily agreed to letting her come and agreed to be as nice as he could.   Liza was fine with my real mum coming but i think she was a little anxiced that there would be a conflixion.My mum Emily didn't want that either.  My birthday was going to be crazy because the vampires all over the world were coming to celebrate my birthday.I was scared about that because i didnt like big crowds and never went to parties.
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