Someday, My Dear.

School's just started once again for this year, stressful much? Work, work, work is all I think about. When suddenly a new student arrives, beautiful she is.


1. Just an ordinary week, or is it?

Niall's P.O.V

It was a typical Monday, the warm rays of light flew through my windows onto my face, waking me up almost instantly. I sat up and groaned, 7 am, way too early. I sighed and hopped out of bed, carrying on with my daily routine, I made sure everything was packed for school as I slid the straps of my back-pack onto my arms, rushing down stairs. 7:15 am. I grabbed  a quick bite before storming out of my door towards my beloved school. I was greeted by warm smiles from the teachers as I walked through the halls towards my locker. Out of the corner of my eye, I see someone. Someone beautiful, I look up to see an unfamiliar face. I flash a welcoming smile and a small wave. She was tall, slim, had beautiful blue eyes and perfect ginger hair. Perfect. "Hello." I heard her say. "Hi!" I replied happily, "You're new here?" I looked up at her. "Yeah.." she smiled. "Mind showing me around?" "Sure!" I felt her take my hand. "What do you have first?" "Uhmm.." she checked her timetable quickly. "English." she looked up at me. "Same here, come on, I'll show you around.." from that moment, I knew that this year would be different. 

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