Together.. forever?

It was a cold, harsh winters day, I was walking on the streets of London when I spot someone. The most beautiful girl I'd ever lay eyes on.. little did I know she'd soon be my girlfriend..


6. Perfect date, much?

Harry's P.O.V

As I saw her slowly approaching me, I stood there frozen for a matter of seconds which somehow seemed like hours, stunned by her looks. "beautiful.." I whispered to myself, slowly walking towards her too. Before I knew it, we were face to face, her forehead pressed onto mine gently. "You look perfect.." I whispered softly. "You look just as good yourself," She said, her cheeks now a delicate shade of rosy red,  followed by that warm, comforting smile of hers. I took her hand gently and led her over to the table I had set up, it had a candle in the middle, a white table cloth and a few rose petals here and there to finish it up. I felt her smile as I pulled her chair out for her and then sit infront of her, like a gentleman. 


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