Together.. forever?

It was a cold, harsh winters day, I was walking on the streets of London when I spot someone. The most beautiful girl I'd ever lay eyes on.. little did I know she'd soon be my girlfriend..


3. Obviously not interested.

Harry's P.O.V

"Uhm.." I looked up at her. "You okay, love?" It seemed like she suddenly lost interest in me. I felt my heart sink, like the Titanic. My train of thoughts were stopped by her delicate voice. "Hello!" she replied enthusiastically. My gaze rejoined hers as I slowly lifted my head. "What's your name?" I smiled. "Nefeli," she said softly.  Well "I'-" she cut me off "I already know your name.." she grinned. "Harry Styles, Harry Edward Styles right?" I nodded. "Exactly." I quickly grabbed a slip of paper from my pocket and scribbled my number on it before stuffing it into her hand. "Call me." I said, before disappearing back into the crowd of people. I still couldn't believe all that was happening. I may have just found the most perfect person on this earth ever. 

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