Together.. forever?

It was a cold, harsh winters day, I was walking on the streets of London when I spot someone. The most beautiful girl I'd ever lay eyes on.. little did I know she'd soon be my girlfriend..


2. Is this really happening?

Nefeli's P.O.V

I walked down the street when I suddenly felt a pair of eyes glued to me, I have it admit, It scared me. I immediately looked round to spot the 'stalker'. It was Harry Styles.. 'Harry styles.. a member of probably the biggest boy band in the world is staring at me..?' I pushed a lock of hair behind my ear as I flashed him a smile, soon after, noticing our eyes met at the exact same time, I took a step closer to him, it felt as if no one else existed in the world except us two. Shortly after I was right infront of him, grinning like an idiot, realizing that my smile lit up his face only made me smile more. "Uh h-hey.." I heard him say nervously. I was stunned, too stunned to say anything.. 'is this really happening?' I asked myself..

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