Together.. forever?

It was a cold, harsh winters day, I was walking on the streets of London when I spot someone. The most beautiful girl I'd ever lay eyes on.. little did I know she'd soon be my girlfriend..


4. How is it possible I'm /still/ alive?

Nefeli's P.O.V


I stood in the middle of the street for what seemed like hours, my brian processing all the previous events, not sure wether they just happened or not. I clenched the piece of paper between my fingers tightly as I rushed back home. I immediately grab my phone and send him a simple text. 

Hello, Haz :')

Within a matter of seconds he replied, I could almost feel him smile

Hello, love, how are you doing? :'3

Great, thankyou.. how about yourself?

I'm doing just fine, thanks, are you doing anything tonight?

No actually, I'm completely free. :)

Well then, be ready by 7 and meet me at the beach. I'll text you the details in a few.

I sank towards the ground holding the phone up to my heart, hugging it as if it was a teddy bear with a huge smile painted across my face. I was going on a date with Harry Styles. How was that even possible? Me? Why me? Over the millions of other beautiful girls on this earth, he picked me..

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