Together.. forever?

It was a cold, harsh winters day, I was walking on the streets of London when I spot someone. The most beautiful girl I'd ever lay eyes on.. little did I know she'd soon be my girlfriend..


5. Finally.

Nefeli's P.O.V

I was awaken from my thoughts by the buzzing of my phone. Obviously startling me. I look down at the phone, expecting a message from Harry but instead its from a random number. "9440382901" I repeated as I clicked the text, not knowing what it'd say. I scanned through the message quickly, which immediately made me feel as a knife was stabbed into my stomach. I've received my first hate message within an hour of dating Harry? Oh, this wasn't going to end pretty at all.

A few minutes later, I just decided to forget the text and go on with daily life, as I started getting ready for the beach, I put on some makeup, a very slight amount, though. I picked out something to where, which surprisingly took me hours, I have to admit, when It comes to clothes on an occasion like this, I'm probably the pickiest person you'll find.

After I was done, inspecting my outfit one last time for perfection, I received a text from Harry.

Hey Nefeli, I'll meet you at the beach now, see you there! :') x

I rushed downstairs, storming across the pavements at the speed of lighting, yet somehow still managing to look elegant. I threw my high-heels off as I reached the beach, letting the sand engulf my toes completely as I made my way towards a slight flickering light.


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