Breaking free

Bethany and Meemzy get all of their wishes coming true at once after a One Direction concert. But are the two girls really all they seem?


3. Texting

Meemzy's POV


I sprinted home and grabbed my mobile. I tapped in a text for Zayn

Hey, it's Meemzy

my phone immediately vibrated with the arrival of a new message

Hi :) How r u?

I quickly replied.

Good, what about u?

Again, my phone vibrated about 30 seconds after sending the texts, Zayn was definitely eager to talk to me

Great! & do u know Bethany's number? Liam wanted it for some reason

Yeah of course I do! Why does he want it

Not sure.

Okay I'll send it to you

I sent Bethany's number, still wondering why he wanted it


No problem :)

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