Breaking free

Bethany and Meemzy get all of their wishes coming true at once after a One Direction concert. But are the two girls really all they seem?


2. Talking to the boys

Bethany's POV


I grinned.
'thanks' Liam smiled at her.
'No problem, now what are you're names girls?'
'I'm Bethany and this is Meemzy'
Meemzy blushed a soft pink, 'Yeah, what she said' She said quietly.

Zayn smiled at her.
'well we have to go now but it was nice meeting you.'
As the boys started walking away, Zayn stayed behind for a second. He slipped a piece of paper into Meemzy's hand.

As soon as they had gone Meemzy unfolded the paper
I looked over her shoulder, 'what does it say?'

I'd like to get to know you

and below was his number...

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