Breaking free

Bethany and Meemzy get all of their wishes coming true at once after a One Direction concert. But are the two girls really all they seem?


12. Meeting

Meemzy's POV


'Someone's got a girlfriend?' She smiled at me, 'What's your name dear?'

I kept half hidden behind Zayn, he smiled and said;

'It's Meemzy' I could sense that Zayn was feeling awkward too, maybe more so than me.

I nodded, then stepped forward and offered my hand to shake, but my sleeve fell down my arm, revealing scars.

'Nice to meet you' She shook my hand, 'Oh wow look at you, so skinny and beautiful.. but..' she paused, she looked down at my hand 'A bit too skinny... and why..?'

Zayn came to my rescue

'Yeah, see ya mum!' Then dragged me into another room.

'What was that, exactly?' I paused, 'Your mum is... wow...' I chuckled.

'yeah.. sorry if that made you feel a bit awkward.'

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