Breaking free

Bethany and Meemzy get all of their wishes coming true at once after a One Direction concert. But are the two girls really all they seem?


6. Calling

Bethany's POV


I kept crying and crying. Suddenly my phone rang.

'Hello?' I said, sobbing a bit quieter

'Bethany? What's wrong? I'll come over?' Liam sounded worried.

'No, don't come over, I can't tell you'

I started crying even more.

'Fine then. Don't trust me' He hung up

I was sobbing a lot and couldn't stop.

When I finally fell asleep I saw images of hate and pain flash across my mind and then suddenly woke up.

I had to call him, I couldn't not call him.

He didn't pick up so I kept trying and trying. Finally he picked up.

'W-H-A-T?' I could hear the clear annoyance in his voice, and it made me cry more.

'I'm sorry, I just don't know how to tell anyone. Hell I don't even know what's wrong myself!'

'I don't blame you. Though, I was gonna come over.. and cuddle with you in your bed, I would've kissed your nightmares away and held you close in my arms. But no.'

I kept crying, more and more tears kept streaming down my face.

'Liam, I'll try my best to explain. I just' I sighed, 'I think I need to tell you face to face'

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