Why Me?

I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever.

Lost in a strange city. Only comfort is with a total stranger. He's famous.

Ariel Stillwell must fight her fears about letting people in, living life and falling in love. Can snobby, pig-headed, selfish and annoying Harry Styles really help with that? London is a big city that Harry is very familiar with but when Ariel catches the wrong train as a mistake and ends up in London instead of Manchester, with no more money to get to her destination, is she prepared to accept a stranger’s assistance?

Can she find any reason to stay? Can he move on from the past?


6. Chapter 6

Louis' P.O.V
'Morning sunshine!' I yell jumping on Harry who's bundled up under his covers. 'Get off me Lou!' Harry groans in his morning voice, 'nope we have to talk' I say sitting against his wall so he can sit up. 'About what?' 'you and Ari,' groaning again Harry forces himself to sit upright leaning against his bed frame. 'She hates me, I'm starting to like her and there's not much more to it' Harry states shrugging his shoulders, 'awww my wittle Hawee is gwoing up!' I say poking Harry's dimples, 'also I'm sure Ariel doesn't hate you. I mean you guys were snogging in the kitchen yesterday.' 'Trust me, she hates me. But I have a plan!' Harry says while getting up, naked like usual and going to his draw to grab some boxes, a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. 'Care to include me in this plan?' I say not at all bothered by Harry's nakedness since its quite normal for Harry to be naked. 'Not much of a plan really, I've just decided to stop being a tosser and try to be my old self before what happened with..' Harry trails off and I know who he's referring to. 'Good for you Haz, anyway the lads are coming over soon so go have a shower and I'll make you some eggs on toast' I say whilst pushing myself up off Harry's bed and following him out into the hallway. 'Cheers boo bear' Harry says while turning around and heading towards the bathroom.

Harry's P.O.V
'Oh my gosh!' I hear someone say behind me, I turn around to find Ariel standing in her pj's looking at me with a shocked look on her quite red face. Confused as to why she's looking at me like that I look down to notice I'm still naked, 'shit!' I say covering myself up with my clothes, blushing a bit. Realising that she was staring Ariel quickly diverts her eyes towards a painting on the wall which makes me smirk. 'Do you have to walk around naked it's weird!' she says shaking her head looking back at me, 'not like you haven't seen it before anyway,' I say cheekly making her blush, 'besides it refreshing and don't expect me to stop just 'cause your living here now,' and with that I turn around walk into the bathroom removing my clothes from covering myself up before turning around and closing the door to a very flustered Ariel.

Ariel's P.O.V
He's so irritating! Why did I even do that.. stuff with him last night? I'm so stupid. But it did feel amazing having his tounge down.. there. I felt myself squeezing my thighs together and I quickly shake my head trying to remove these stupid thoughts from my mind. I hear someone clear their throat behind me and I turn around to see an amused Louis looking at me, 'morning Ari would you like some eggs on toast for breakfast?' he says flashing me a grin. 'That'd be great Louis thanks,' I reply grinning back at him before heading to my bag in the lounge room to grab my clothes. It's quite chilly today so I decide to grab some black leggings, my fluffy pink and white polka dot socks, an aqua hoodie and obviously a fresh pair of knickers and my white lace bra. I head towards Harry's room to get changed and just as I put my bra and knickers on I hear heavy footsteps heading up the hallway panicking I quickly open his wardrobe and jump inside praying he doesn't need to get something out of it. I don't know why I was so bothered about Harry finding me in his room but I just was. Crap! I just remembered I left my clothes on the floor near his bed. I inwardly groan as I hear Harry bustle about his room singing a song I haven't heard before. Wow he has an amazing voice, I lean my ear against the door to hear a bit better when suddenly it's yanked open making me topple out of it onto the floor at Harry's feet. 'Well this is a sight I thought I'd never see,' Harry laugh's whilst looking down at me eyebrows raised, 'why were you hiding in my wardrobe?' 'No reason' I say quickly yanking my clothes on before rushing out his room to find all the boys sitting in the lounge room watching the TV. I plonk myself down next to Liam on the couch and notice they're watching the news. 'We have recieved some news stating that One Direction band members Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have a new female roomate, what will all the Directioners and Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend think about this?' the TV says. I feel my heart beat go faster while I stand up infront of the TV and turn around to find five boys looking at me cautiously. 'YOU'RE ONE DIRECTION??!'

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