Why Me?

I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever.

Lost in a strange city. Only comfort is with a total stranger. He's famous.

Ariel Stillwell must fight her fears about letting people in, living life and falling in love. Can snobby, pig-headed, selfish and annoying Harry Styles really help with that? London is a big city that Harry is very familiar with but when Ariel catches the wrong train as a mistake and ends up in London instead of Manchester, with no more money to get to her destination, is she prepared to accept a stranger’s assistance?

Can she find any reason to stay? Can he move on from the past?


5. Chapter 5

Ariel's P.O.V
Harry flipped me over so I'm straddling him and I start to kiss and suck on his neck going down his chest and softly biting on his nipple making him let out a small groan. My hands make their way down his torso and arrive at the top of his jeans. My hands fumble with the button but finally I get it undone and I unzip the zipper. I start to palm his boner and his breathing increases making me giggle. 'Gah that's so hot!' he groans, 'what is?' I murmur against his neck. 'When you giggle' he breathes and I feel a blush creep up my neck, I put my hand down his pants and start to rub him through his briefs he jolts abit and I giggle again realising the power I have over him. I take my hand out and try to pull his jeans down but it's a bit of a struggle so he lightly pushes me off so he can take them off for me then grabs me by the waist and puts me back on top of him. I feel a bit nervous looking at his boner through his briefs, he's huge! 'Thank you' he chuckles, crap did I say that outloud?? 'Yeah you did' double crap. He gives me a smirk and suddenly I yank his briefs down his legs and I chuck them accross the room, Harry junior springs free and I see a bit of pre-cum on the tip. I start to slowy go up and down it with my hand while rubbing the tip, 'faster' he groans leaning his head back and I increase my speed. My whole life I never thought I'd give head to someone but as I was looking at Harry junior it actually looked tasty and I found myself leaning forward and delicately licking it from the bottom to the tip. Suddenly I put my whole mouth around it and started bobbing my head up and down, 'crap!' Harry exclaims while thrusting faster in my mouth. I start to swirl my tounge around but I stop as he starts thrusting in further and I focus on not gagging. 'I'm so close Ari' he groans I start deep throating him faster and sucking as hard as I can. Suddenly I feel warm liquid flood my mouth and I try swallowing most of it but some trickles down my chin, I grab a tissue from the tissue box on the coffee table to clean myself up and Harry does the same. 'I can't believe I just did that..' I murmur to no one in particular. 'To be honest I'm surprised you did it too' 'why?' I ask getting annoyed, 'well you hate me.' I feel myself go red, 'your right I do hate you, your selfish and arrogant and pig-headed and what just happened only happened because of the heat of the moment!' I say quickly standing up and putting my clothes back on. 'Good because I prefer non-bitchy brunettes anyway and I would never go for someone like you' Harry says defensively but I can tell he's a bit hurt by what I said. I roll my eyes pick up my book and storm off to.. wait a sec I walk back to the loungeroom and stand in front of Harry with my hands on my hips. 'What?' he snarls, 'this is where I'm sleeping. Leave.' 'I'm quite comfy actually' he says putting his hands behind his head and leaning back still naked. I try not to look down and finally decide to grab a pillow and chuck it at him to cover himself up which makes him smirk at me but he doesn't argue. 'Fine then, I guess I'll just be taking your bed. Goodnight Harry.' I say while starting to walk off. 'Fine I'll leave! I don't want you stinking out my bed.' 'Good now piss off!' 'Fine' he huffs before stalking out in all his glory. I grab a pillow and scream into it before flopping on the couch, getting under the covers and turning the lamp off. As much as he pisses me off, I know that I am falling for Harry and I don't know a thing about him except that he's rich, annoying and thinks he can get any girl he wants. I sigh before turning on my side and smelling Harry's pillow which smells amazing. 'Your such an idiot' I murmur to myself before drifting to sleep.

Harry's P.O.V
Here I am lying wide awake in bed thinking of none other then that bitch. I can't be falling for her, not after what happened last time! I vowed I would never fall for anyone ever again, that I would only use girls to get what I want because thats all they're good for. But yet I can't help but feel like fighting with Ariel has been the best thing thats ever happened to me. She makes me feel alive and I dunno.. maybe I should try and make up with her? Call a truce? 'Your right I do hate you, your selfish and arrogant and pig-headed' keeps playing in my mind, is that really how she sees me? Suddenly I realise that for this irritating girl I am going to change. I am going to show Ariel that what she thinks of me isn't the real me and starting tomorrow I'm going to be a new Harry. How can a girl like her have me so unhinged? I think to myself while turning on my side thoughts of Ariel invading my brain as I fall asleep.

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