Why Me?

I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever.

Lost in a strange city. Only comfort is with a total stranger. He's famous.

Ariel Stillwell must fight her fears about letting people in, living life and falling in love. Can snobby, pig-headed, selfish and annoying Harry Styles really help with that? London is a big city that Harry is very familiar with but when Ariel catches the wrong train as a mistake and ends up in London instead of Manchester, with no more money to get to her destination, is she prepared to accept a stranger’s assistance?

Can she find any reason to stay? Can he move on from the past?


4. Chapter 4

Okay guys before you read this I should warn you that this chapter is rather sexual so you've been warned, hope you like it. (;

Louis's P.O.V
I walk into the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice and I see the unbelievable. Harry and Ariel snogging each others face's off! I clear my throat to grab their attention and they quickly jump away from each other and look at me sheepishly while I try not to laugh. 'Um I accidently tripped over and landed on her... lips?' Harry says trying to make up an excuse, pretty pitiful if you ask me. I guess Ariel is thinking the same as me and rolls her eyes, 'yeah well it's never happening again. I wasn't thinking straight thats all' Ariel says then walks out of the kitchen sauntering her hips as she moves. Me and Harry both follow her with our eyes and I can't but help noticing what a fine bum she has, I look over to Harry who has a confused expression on his face. 'Well two can play at this game..' I hear him mutter to himself under his breath. 'Haz, I'm going out with El tonight and probably won't be home till tomorrow afternoon' I say trailing off looking at him questionatively 'yeah thats fine' Harry says quickly before walking out the kitchen.

Harry's P.O.V
Now that everyone is gone I can put my plan into action. What is my plan you may ask? Well seeing how extremely sexy and amazing I am (not trying to be full of myself or anything) I will try to lure Ariel with my charm and wit, so that by tonight she will be begging to get into bed with me. Chuckling evily to myself I look in my mirror and flick my hair out of my eyes. Wow I really need to stop talking to myself like this.. Grabbing the end of my shirt I pull it over my head so I have nothing on except my jeans which are hanging very low in a rather sexual way if I do say so myself, making my calvin klein jocks band visable as I walk out of my room towards the lounge where Ariel is reading. 'Whatcha reading?' I ask standing in front of her, 'The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks...' Ariel trails off glancing up at me then doing a double take opening her mouth a little in an 'o' shape. I smirk before sitting down next to her, I notice her move away slightly, uneasily glancing at me which makes me chuckle to myself. 'What's so funny?' 'Just the effect I have on you' 'Pfft what effect?' she snorts, but I notice her squeeze her thighs together a bit as I pull my jeans down a little to get more comfortable. I place my hand on her thigh and I see her cheeks start to redden, 'does this make you nervous?' I mumur close to her ear, 'no' she mutters but I feel her shiver. I start to move my hand up her thigh all the while asking if she's nervous but she continuously shakes her head even though I can feel her shaking. My hand is so close to her lady part and it just skims the edge of her panties when suddenly she stands bolt upright 'I have to use the bathroom' she says while quickly walking away which makes me laugh to myself in victory.

Ariel's P.O.V
Damn you Harry and your stupid womanizing skills, his hand felt so hot on my skin leaving goose bumps and I could feel myself getting damp down... there. I splash some cold water on my face hoping to clear my mind when suddenly I come up with an idea. I take off my shorts and also my bra so all I'm wearing are my red panties and a thin basically see-through jumper. Smirking to myself I walk back into the lounge and Harry's eyes nearly pop out of his head, I purposely walk infront of him and bend down to grab the romote for the TV when suddenly I'm yanked back onto his lap. He turns me around so I'm straddling him with my hands on his bare chest. 'You probably shouldn't have done that lovey, because you know I want you and I know you want me due to earlier this morning' he says with a smirk 'so it probably wasn't a smart idea to tempt the fox by leaving the gate to the chicken pen open..' 'Make that up yourself?' I say trying to distract him 'yes I did actually' and with that he flips me over so I'm laying underneath him on the couch. 'Thought so since it was so crap' I mutter and smiling his cheeky grin he presses his lips against mine. Instead of pushing him away I find myself drawing him closer and wrapping my legs around his waist bringing his goods closer to mine. 'Someones eager..' he murmurs at my ear grinding his hips against mine making me moan. 'Shut up' I say biting his earlobe then moaning again as he grinds against me once more. 'I think we should get this off you..' he says sitting up so he's straddling me and pulling my jumper over my head so my breasts are on full display. He looks down at them admiringly and I feel my cheeks heat up, 'I thought nothing impressed you?' I accuse bringing his eyes back up to mine. He flashes me his cheeky grin again before lying back down and kissing my neck saying between kisses 'I was bullshitting love... pissing you off.. is just so... fun' which makes me giggle 'dittio' I reply bringing his lips back up to mine. His hands start to massage my breasts and tweaking my nipples making them instantly hard and I moan feeling extremely wet down.. there. His lips trail down my neck, collarbone, my breast and starts sucking on my left nipple, while he's doing this I start to palm him through his jeans feel him harden straight away. He then trails his lips down my stomach and stops just above my panties looking up at me with a smug look, by now I am panting but feeling slightly nervous. He pulls my knickers down all the while kissing as he goes, then kissing as he comes back up along the inside of my left thigh, as he gets close to the preferred area he suddenly goes back down and does the same with my right leg. By now I am quivering with anticipation I feel his warm breath near my lips and his curls inbetween my thighs and before I can say anything I feel him lick along my slit making me groan. He snickers before pulling my lips apart and inserting his tounge, licking around in a circle then going back up and sucking on my clit then going back down, repeating this torture. I'm moaning and panting and I feel beads of sweat along my forehead. He starts to rub my clit with his thumb while lapping away at me inserting his tounge in and out, in and out and I feel myself coming close to the edge, 'Oh Harry... I'm so close.. Don't stop, oh don't sto--' I moan panting and I feel him replace his tounge with his two fingers going in and out, slightly curling them, hitting my G-spot. 'Faster' I pant thrusting my hips up to meet his fingers in a rhythm. I feel him increase his speed all the while rubbing my clit furiously with his thumb. 'Cum for me baby' he murmurs pulling my head up so I look him in the eyes as I release, shaking all over with my toes curling 'HARRY!' I yell so loudly that I swear the people in the next apartment would've heard. Panting I collapse back on the couch trying to catch my breath, my heart beating so fast. Harry licks his fingers looking at me sexually and all I can say is 'your turn..'

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